PyAlbum Samples

This page shows some example albums generated with PyAlbum and lets you download the sample picture album with all its text files.

All pictures are the same in the different albums, only the layouts differ. You can download (2.6MB, 2 May 04)), which contains several pictures from different digital cameras, most of them with EXIF information. Besides is a video, some sound files and lots of text files.

Some of the pictures are very highly compressed to save space. They might look ugly, but their purpose is not to look nice, but to demonstrate features of PyAlbum. Besides the pictures you will find lots of text files, which demonstrate the possibilities of PyAlbum to collect picture and directory information.

The whole test album has a nested directory structure. Only sub directory "BigAlbum" has enough pictures to demonstrate the navigation between multiple index pages.

In the topmost directory is a small video and some sound files. Picture "sunset" demonstrates both possibilities.

PyAlbum Sample Albums
This is my personal favourite!
Uses full and lowres pictures, includes, all comments, extended EXIF info. Shows info button with full EXIF information. Uses video and sound.
All static texts configurable. Demonstrates the generation of a 4 parted image map for navigation. Fully XHTML 1.0 and CSS validated.
Demonstrates image filters: LogoFilter on thumbnails and WatermarkFilter on lowres images. Includes timed slide show.
Sample BP2
Table layout with lots of information on the index pages. Only low resolution available.
All static texts are configurable, default english.
Sample BluPro
A layout with two frames.
The left frame shows all sub directories and thumbnail pictures one below the other, the right frame diplays the pictures.
You can switch between low and full resolution at the top of the left frame and at the top of each picture.
Following images are preloaded with the help of JavaScript to reduce loading times.
Pictures show some EXIF info below themselves. Static texts are configurable (default: english).
Sample thumbframe
Very simple layout with only one tabular index page, which demonstrates the handling of panorama pictures.
Low resolution pictures link to full/original size pictures within a HTML page.
No EXIF information displayed.
All text constants are configurable, default is german.
Demonstrates the configurable setting of background colors within the style sheet.
Sample BilderGalerie
Very ugly template designed to test all features and properties of PyAlbum.
All picture pages link directly to the low resolution or full resolution pictures. To switch between the displayed resolutions you have to click onto sibling_index_fullindex on the index pages.
All available information of the picture and its EXIF is displayed.
Sample testall
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