PyAlbum History & Plans

This page describes the development progress and history of PyAlbum and the future plans.

1. History

Version 0.5.3 - 02 May 2004
Some bug fixes
- Activated CVS for project on SourceForge.
- PicTitleMethod FNE did not work as documented.
- PyAlbum now raises an error if command line arguments given instead of options only.
- descript.ion files: only the first line was processed.
- Documentation for case sensitivity of user options corrected.
New choice (and default!) ONR: original name of directory
New choice (and default!) ONR: original filename without extension
New choice ONE: original filename with extension
no changes
no changes
Almost all
Corrected comment about case sensitivity of user options in template.cfg

Version 0.5.2 - 12 Apr 2004
No updates this week
- PyAlbum is being redesigned to read settings and image info from XML files. The old method (.cfg files) will still be supported in the future.
- I am learning wxPython, wxGlade and XML Schema (xsd) while designing the GUI.
- This may take 2 to 4 weeks until the first beta release...
- Documented TimeFormat and DateFormat codes.

Version 0.5.2 - 04 Apr 2004
Some bug fixes
- Removed trailing blanks from camera model (Olympus!) to find it in FocalFactors.txt
- Local files URI: "file://" instead of "file:"
- Color #rgb was not converted properly
no changes
no changes
New: MaskFilter
see filters page
New: FrameFilter
see filters page
Mod: BP2
Better handling of description[] array. Layout for sub albums modified.

Version 0.5.1 - 28 Mar 2004
am/pm time format was wrong in all *.cfg files "%I:%M" instead of "%H:%I"
New: TFilter
Behaves like Filter, but usable only from templates. To allow for 2 independent filter chains.
Mod: general
Allow single or double quotes in filter parameters, so it is possible to use them from the command line. Escape character is "\".
no changes
Mod: LogoFilter
Converts mode 'P' and 'L' pictures to intermediate jpg now. (Otherwise the logos look very ugly!)
New ways to define logo path: &P (relative to program path) or &T (relative to effective template directory).
Default logo: '&P/libtest/logonew.gif'
Mod: WatermarkFilter
Converts mode 'P' and 'L' pictures to intermediate jpg now.
Bug in calculating transparency mask corrected.
New: RotatedWatermarkFilter
Paints transparent, rotated text onto the picture. Only useful in center, center position!
new colors, Filters in template
slideshow added (via URI parameters, no cookies used)

Version 0.5.0 - 21 Mar 2004
New feature: filters
Support for configurable image filters (kind of API).
Filters can be applied to thumbnails and lowres pictures, before and after resizing. Filters are extendable by users.
New: FilterDir
Path to the directory, where the filter modules are located.
Default: <programdir>/filters
New: FontDir
Path to the directory, where the PIL fonts are located.
Default: <programdir>/fonts
new: Filter
Cumulative option to declare filters and its parameters. See filters page.
Mod: color values
All color values can now be given as #rrggbb or #rgb or 'r,g,b' or one of the 16(!) named W3C colors.
No changes
New feature
The following filters are provided: TextFilter, ShadowTextFilter, WatermarkFilter, LogoFilter, BWFilter, BorderFilter, BlurFilter, ContourFilter, DetailFilter, EdgeEnhanceFilter, EdgeEnhanceMoreFilter, EmbossFilter, FindEdgesFilter, SharpenFilterm, SmoothFilter, SmoothMoreFilter
Most of them are simple calls to PIL functions.
Mod: BP2
Generated an empty table, if an album had only sub albums but no pictures.

Version 0.4.5 - 14 Mar 2004
Minor corrections
Enhanced handling of GIF, TIFF, TGA, PNG pictures.
Corrected minor bug on album and picture counting.
Mod: ExtMovie + ExtSound
Both are now allowed in "album".
Mod: -v
Sets verbosity to 2 (shortcut for --verbosity=2)
new: Verbosity
Defines the amount of console output.
Valid values are 0 to 5, default is 1
0: errors, 1: warnings, 2: directory processing, 3: picture processing, 4: output file processing, 5: deeper information of directories at end
List of all parts (means: index files) in the gal object, useful for select boxes.
Mod: BP2
Several enhancements, selection boxes for navigation, XHTML 1.0 conform now, CSS cleanup.

Version 0.4.4 - 7 Mar 2004
Some changes
New EXIF module, better EXIF handling.
Create Gallery/Album thumbnails with %d pictures, %d albums
Documentation on option fullcopy extended.
Mod: ThumbGalleryTexts
Changed default value to:
"1 Subalbum","%d Subalbums", "1 Picture", "%d Pictures"
New: ReadExif
Single choice: none, normal(default), full
New: DefaultFocalFactor
If a factor can not be found in FocalFactors.txt, this value is used to calculate the 35mm equivalent: Default is "0.0", which means: return error text.
New: pic.exiflist
Sorted list of tuples (name, value) with ALL attributes shorter than 100 characters.
Mod: pic.exif.FNumber
Now calculated from ApertureValue, if empty.
Mod: pic.exif.ExposureTime
Now calculated from ShutterSpeedValue, if empty.
Mod: BluPro
Has no full pictures, links now from pic.html to pic directly.
Mod: testall
extended for new pic.exif.exiflist
Mod: BP2
Much better :-) not yet ready.

Version 0.4.3 - 29 Feb 2004
Some enhancements
Changed progURL to ""
Movies and sounds finally supported :-)
Documentation extended
New: ExtPicture
Define file extensions for pictures.
New: ExtMovie
Define file extensions for movie files.
New: ExtSound
Define file extensions for sound files.
New: useMovie
Look for movies files belonging to a picture?
Look for sound files belonging to a picture?
New: 10 for movies and sound
Mod: testall
Extended with all new properties.
Mod: BP, BluPro, BilderGalerie, thumbframe
Code cleanup

Version 0.4.2 - 22 Feb 2004
Some changes
Changed filename 'pygal.cfg' to 'pyalbum.cfg'.
Copying of write protected files now possible.
Mod concept
Plan to allow multilingual texts dropped. Instead use @user.textXX in templates. This gives the same result.
No changes
Mod: Bildergalerie
Now create style sheet with user options, uses user options for static texts.
Mod: BP
Static texts by user.textXXX

Version 0.4.1 - 15 Feb 2004
New features: includes
Up to 6 include files me be put into nay album input directory:
This is useable by templates, normally as child of the "body" tag. If such file (eg. "" exists in any input directory, the template may use:
  @[if gal.indexFooterInc]@{empy.include(gal.indexFooterInc)}@[end if]@
Such include files may contain (almost) any HTML code.
New: RebuildOut
Rebuild all output files (except pictures).
Set it to True to bypass optimization (eg. changed FocalFactors.txt)
Default: False
New: RootParent
Parent of topmost album. May be set empty. Default: index.html
Mod: ThumbRatio
May be set to 0.0 now to force panoramaWidth to 1, always generate very low thumbnails.
Mod: userxx
Now user.xx (@user.xx)
May be set from album files
May be defined before declaration (template switch possible with new definitions in same file)
Many new attributes
gal.templateName (same as option TemplateName)
gal.maxThumbWidth (useful for frame sizing)
gal.onceHeaderInc: empty or path to file
gal.onceFooterInc: empty or path to file
gal.indexHeaderInc: empty or path to file
gal.indexFooterInc: empty or path to file
gal.pictureHeaderInc: empty or path to file
gal.pictureFooterInc: empty or path to file
pic.outBaseName (now always set despite of full/lowres/thumb generation) ([full|lowres|thumb]BaseName are converted with [Full|Lowres|Thumb]OutName, ...) and only available if full/lowres/thumb is generated!)
pic.fileTime: Date/Time of original picture file. Formatted acording to options DateFormat<space>TimeFormat
user as new object (, ...)
Mod: BluPro
Cleaned up, subalbums nicer.

2. Plans

This is an extraction of my todo:

- more options on subalbum images!
	- create from given picture with texts
		- given picture: fixed (new option!)
		x texts: better than now!!!
	- none (means: use a res/picture, or no picture)
	- select one picture from inputdir ( foldericon=)
		- only useful with text or special praphics

- documentation on:
	- general empy syntax

- cleanup all templates

- complete checkOptions()

Plans for the GUI (summer 2004):
- View pictures
- set/edit options
- Rotate pictures
	- automatically: read exif.orientation (some cameras exist!)
	- manually
- Annotate pictures (hold info in one file?)
	- comment/title
	- description
	- group/category
	- keywords
	- author
That could mean: group pictures in output other than the input hierarchy.

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